7 Aug 2015

Waterfront Walks

Hello Everyone! Firstly i would like to say thank you so much for all the positive support I got from you guys after my last post, love you so much you mean the world to me! So in the weekend I went for a walk with my family down at the beautiful Auckland waterfront in Wynyard Quarter. It's the middle of winter here in NZ but it felt like a summers day so I had a lovely summer dress on! Enjoy xx

While we were walking past the restaurants I spotted this very cute wine bar with little wooden plant boxes hanging outside. Surrounding the restaurant were mini pohutakawa plants (a pretty New Zealand native plant) and there were a few flowers beginning to bloom!

There is a place in Wynyard Quarter called silo park, it is called this because the now done up place is surrounded in these huge industrial buildings called silos! These aren't very pretty so the park is done up very nicely with a playground, a basketball court, a climbing structure and trams! This is one of my favourite places in the world! x

In Wynyard Quarter, along the sea side there are many restaurants with lovely indoor and outdoor seating. The restaurants are very modern and all have very nice food! Last week it was Wynyard Quarters birthday so there were heaps of fun things going on and bunting was hung up everywhere!

Something special about Wynyard Quarter that I love is that they reuse old container ships all around the place! The information store is a container, there are exhibitions on in containers, and this cute little reading corner is a container! I find this really sweet and a really nice idea. x

I love how this place is so quirky and never lets any blank space be left blank such as this wall that is blocking off a construction site, the art on it is simple and fun, just enough to cover the bland space. x

We all got a bit hungry so we treated ourselves to a delicious, New York style Sal's Pizza!!! Oh my gosh my mouth waters just looking at this photo! (And yes the pieces are HUGE so one piece is more than enough!)p.s. I looked very weird talking this photo since it's taken on the concrete outside!

I spotted these seagulls having a bird bath so I quickly took a photo before they all flew away! xx

I hope you liked this post on my day at the waterfront,
Love Emily xxx

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