6 Feb 2016


Hey guys! For so long I wanted (needed) this gorgeous Queen Of The Foxes bralette and for Christmas my lovely friend Helena gave it to me, which I was/am extremely excited about. This is by far my favourite piece in my wardrobe. Also I strongly suggest that you have a look at Helena's Instagram and Tumblr- they are insanely pretty

I wanted to show this beautiful piece in a special way which showed just how pretty is is. Hopefully you all like the way these photos ended up, p.s  this is probably one of my favourite posts I've done so far! Enjoy! xx

27 Jan 2016


Hi everyone! Firstly let me start off saying that I love salad, a lot, so much that I have decided to start off a little series here on my blog about salads.
So what I'm planning to do is every two weeks or so, post about a salad I have made, maybe a salad that goes well with the weather, a salad I was craving or any random salad that I choose to make. They will not be complicated at all because who likes complicated? they are just simple delicious salads for almost every occasion. Now that I'm writing this out it sounds a bit weird but I just wanted a way to share with you all the salads I make, so maybe if you're interested you could have a go making one for all your friends and families or even just yourself. I hope that I carry on with this series and that you enjoy it! xx

The Simple Salad

This salad is perfect for any occasion whether it be just your normal lunch/dinner with your family, or a dinner party, it is simple, delicious and super easy

Love Em xx