31 Jul 2015

Sorry! // Changing it up a bit

Hello everyone!
This is going to be a bit of a talkative post just rambling on about why I have had a blog break and what I'm changing up a bit so sorry if chatty posts aren't your thing. xx
You may have noticed I have had rather a long break from blogging and I think you need an explanation. So what happened was when I last posted I was really running low on post ideas and how to design my blog and what to say and I was losing interest and not enjoying blogging anymore because i found it to be putting a lot of pressure on myself. I really didn't want to stop so I had a long break gathering up ideas that came to me for my blog and getting some sort of vision on how and what I wanted my blog to be like. I have eventually come out of my blog block and should be back up and running from now on with new creative post ideas and fun things!
So that's my break part of this post now here's the new design bit. As you have probably noticed I have changed my blog name and as I changed my name I have a new design which is quite exciting I have to say! One thing I have added is my own youtube channel! I have wanted to make one for a while now and finally got around to doing it! Why? because sometimes I think posts could look nicer in the form of video and music! (link at the end xx) I'm also going to be doing a few chatty posts like this one as I quite enjoy just talking to you guys and rambling about things I love and other things! Sorry if chatty posts aren't up your ally but don't worry I will also be doing many many photo and video posts. xx  I have gone through my blog links and things and updated a lot of things that showed just how long I have had a break! I really miss this and this feels so nice just chatting!
For a while (not quite sure how long just yet) but at the moment I will not be having a specific day in the week I will post because I want to be stress free blogging and we all know what it's like trying to complete something to a certain day and have a million things pop out of no where that you have to do, like a huge essay!
 Ok I think I will end this here because it's getting a little bit long and you are probably bored and had enough of reading if you havent already left! It means a lot to me if you have read this whole thing!! xxxx
Love Emily
P.S here is my youtube channel

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