14 Aug 2015

Water is so important

 Hello Everyone!
 Lately I have been drinking a lot more water than i usually have, which is amazing! I used to have about a sip of water a day and it left me dehydrated, energy-less, tired, and I couldn't be bothered to do anything. I feel like this happens to many people who can over come it like I did by making water less boring, because honestly water is so bland and not exciting to drink, but I found it can be. The thing is, it's SO important, more than the average person knows, so here are some tips to make water less boring and more exciting to drink! xx
 Above is a photo of some things I usually use to infuse, slightly flavour, or add to water.
1. Berries are amazing in water, especially if they are frozen because they melt in the water spreading the juices around making the water a very pretty shade of pink and purple, who wouldn't be attracted to a healthy, very pretty, very tasty drink of water?!
2. Lemon is a wonderful water infuser and is very popular, it makes the water taste amazing without the sour and tangy taste of lemon on its own.
3. Mandarins and oranges are in the same citrus family as lemons and do the same job as them when infused in water, but they are used a lot less than lemon and no one really knows that they are very yummy in water !
4. Gummy bears are so fun to add to a glass of water, if you have nothing to infuse with or you don't really feel like changing the flavour of the water give this a go! The gummy bears act as a kind of motivation, they sink so you have to drink the whole glass of water before getting to the gummy bears! It's so simple and really does motivate you!(trust me I've tried ;) )
5. TEA! Tea is my most favourite thing to make water taste delicious! I am loving peppermint tea at the moment, it just adds a really fresh touch to it and is mintyyy!! Fruit teas are also very healthy and add yummy taste and smell to water.
6. Fruit syrups aren't very popular and are kind of hard to spot out and about but I just found some at my local supermarket. The mandarin and black current ones are my favourite as they have the strongest flavour out of all the ones I have tried. I do recommend these and I think you all should give them a go! (plus they are great to take in school water bottles!)
The aftermath of shooting these photos involved a lot of water, a lot of spillage, and a lot of yumminess! haha! xx

 I hope you guys liked this post and hopefully has inspired you to drink more water because it's honestly so important and I want you all to be healthy and hydrated! Believe me when I say that these tips have really changed my water drinking ways and have helped me feel so much more hydrated. xx So go RIGHT NOW and go get yourself a nice big glass of water and add something yummy to it! x

Love Emily xxx


  1. Beautiful photography Emily! Love it! xx

    1. Thank you Chloe! That really means a lot coming from you xx And good luck for the westfield comp I voted this morning xx