24 Jan 2016


Hello all, a little while back, myself, my family and my uncle took a road trip to the lovely community of Castle Point which is a little bay on the east coast of New Zealand. The reason I say 'community' is because it so tiny it can't be classified as anything more!

We had such a lovely trip driving and flying  through and over the beautiful landscape of the north island. When we arrived here at Castle Point, (officially the most pretty, breathtaking, beautiful place I have ever been to, to date) we explored the rocks the cliffs and the beach, trying to take at least one photo that captured it's beauty, which seemed impossible (we all know the feeling!) I thought I would show some of the many photos I took that nearly did this place justice!

Emily xx

Hope you like these little snaps of my trip and good luck for school coming up! I don't go back till early Feb so still a while to go!
Love Em xx

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