3 Apr 2015

April Love

Hello! x
Yay it's finally the holidays! No more school for 2-3 weeks! This gives me heaps of time to write some blogposts! xxx As the holidays have just started, and so has April(my favourite month) I thought I would do a small post on why I love April so much! xx

1- Many of my friends and family members have their birthdays in April

2-It's EASTER the happiest time of the year

3-I'ts the school holidays!

4-The feeling of summer turning into winter

5-An extra hour of sleep because of daylight savings

6-Family are all together

7-Lot's and lot's of chocolate to be eaten

8-April fools fun!

9-cold mornings, warm nights

10-Going shopping with friends because it's holidays

Those are just a few reasons of why I love April! Would love it if you told me why you love April! xx

Love Emily xxx and happy easter!!! xxx

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