26 Feb 2015

Saying goodbye to the holiday life

Hello all!
First of all I need to say i giant sorry for not posting in 3 weeks! I know its terrible! Unfortunately in these first few weeks of school i have been assigned homework and more homework and you guessed it... more homework! I bet most of you are in the same boat as me! I have my first internal exam coming up so a lot of my computer time is (sadly) spent researching and not blogging :(

Anyway! onto the post! I don't know about you, but it has been super duper difficult getting back into school routine! Here are a few pointers to get organised and stay happy!

Firstly! (shown in the photo above) stay healthy! Staying healthy is not  a hassle it's wonderful! treat yourself to some delicious organic smoothies, yum fruit slices and salads! MMMmm yummy!!!

 Set an alarm! i would be very disorganised and tired if it wasn't for my trusty alarm! They are on nearly all devices and are so helpful! I advise you set one if have not already! xx
Keep a diary on hand all day everyday! Especially as school is getting more intense, homework is easily forgotten if not written down. I bought this wonderful kikki.k diary   for my  busy year and has already served me well! xx
When we get overly busy sometimes we forget to drink the most important drink! This app has made me drink the amount of water daily we all should! It's called water balance and when you fill out your details it tells you how much water you should drink daily, then you add in an amount when you drink, not just water, then it sends you notifications if you need to drink some water!!! pretty amazing! xx

And that'ts it! i hope this will help you get on track for school, and i'm super sorry again for my post delay xxx bye!

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