26 Jan 2015

Summer Buys

Hello all! Haven't these summer holidays just been perfect!? Sitting poolside in the sun, getting tanned....it can't get any better! My holidays have been filled with sunshine and spending, oops! So today i thought i would share with you some small things i have bought over the summer xx
I am in love with the new Kikki.k collection! I bought this 2015 diary from there and it is so pretty!
I have waited waaayy to long to finally get this book!  'IT' is amazing, get my joke? hahaha! It is such an inspiring book and anyone who reads it will be able to relate to the lovely Alexa Chung.
The 'oh lola! 'perfume by Marc Jacobs is such a lovely scent!
I recently got a pen-pal, the lovely Mia and i had to buy some lovely Kikki.k notepaper to write my letters on. I also found this old issue of Frankie and i couldn't resit it! I also adopted a new little succulent who is sharing her pot with Tommy, she was abandoned on the street and i called her Inka. She is oh so cute! xx
I didn't buy these lovely fairy lights myself, my wonderful godmother bought me them after i had my eye
on them! I am so lucky to have her! They are so pretty on my wall and they look magical! xx
Matching!!! Pink and yellow are my newest favourite combination of colours! Ahhhh so pretty! xx
Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Any questions? Just leave a comment i will reply asap xx
Love Emily xx


  1. Everything looks sooo cute! I was thinking about buying 'IT' but it's not so easy to get it in Poland. Also the Frankie magazines are always so flawless. I really love their art! The yellow + pink colours make me feel so springy/summery even though it's winter where I live ♥

    1. Wow thank you so much !! xx ÍT' was also very hard to find in NZ so i know what you mean! They are my favourite colours because of that exact reason! xx